Lewisburg and White Sulphur Springs

Lewisburg is a charming, too quiet town in the woods of West Virginia. It has a Main Street with a couple of coffee shops, restaurants, the ubiquitous antique shops (what is with small towns and antique stores, I see them everywhere in small town America). I arrived pretty late, around 9pm, and of course there was barely a living soul in town at that hour. I took a stroll on the empty street, police passed a couple of times by me looking suspiciously at the only tourist in town. I was happy to find an open art gallery which had a wine bar and many artsy things on display. The locale was very chic. I walked through the immense room looking at sculptures, photos, jewelry, paintings, and other types of art I do not gknow how to name. Then off I went to sleep, I did not want to raise suspicion in this small quiet town where on a Friday night at 10 pm streets are empty, everything is closed.

One of the attractions in the area, in the neighboring town of White Sulphur Springs is the government relocation facility, a bunker which can be visited for 30$. In case of nuclear war during the Cold War the Congress would relocate here. The bunker was kept ready for almost half a century, in 4 hours it could have hosted 1400 people. It was built between 1959-1962, and uncovered by the Washington Post in 1992, it officially closed in 1995, then opened to the public. It is a facility pretty much seen as in disaster movies, much like the one in “2012”.

Lewisburg Crazy Bean coffee shop
Lewisburg coffee shop selling hand made bags