Lost World Caverns

I always wanted to go spelunking and Lost World Caverns was the perfect place. The caves are under a green pasture, you’d never thing what lies beneath the earth. I went in the cave through a long concrete tunnel, felt like descending into a mine. In the group were 5 software engineers form India, an Indiana family of 5, and three guides, one of them being the …owner of the cave. Yes, in West Virginia you can own a cave.

At the end of the open part of the cave we jumped the wooden fence, went up a huge hill of fallen rocks, and disappeared into the darkness through a small opening close to the ceiling. The cave had its dwellers: crickets that look like spiders, bats, salamanders.  The Birth Canal part of the cave was one of the most exciting …a small narrow canal as the name suggests with a ‘surprise’ – water! Cold cave water, crossing it made me feel like Indiana Jones on a mission. Coming out of it was another story – our guide had to give me instructions how to move head, neck shoulders, one by one. It felt like being born again.  One of the software engineers got stuck in the canal coming out and squirmed so much that he got all wet,  lost his energy and had to go back. The mom with teenage kids (they kept laughing at her) told me the best form of contraception are teenage kids. Lunch was interesting, in a big dark chamber, we sat on rocks and had snacks  and water. Other highlights of the caving trip were the  mud everywhere, crawling through a long narrow passage filled with art pieces – writings, skulls, fortress, cat, snail, people, ‘tree house’ – the canal was through a portion with clay perfect for sculptures. We spent some time, each one of us bringing out the artist within. We went through the ‘squeeze box’, tunnels, chambers, climbs and descents, sat in the dark and said jokes. Coming out of the cave, I saw the original entrance – a hole in the ground, in a corn field, where a farmer used to throw dead cows and garbage. He did not know what was underground, the guy was just happy his garbage hole never filled.  This is how cave was discovered.

Coming out of the wild cave
Going in!