Thomas and Blackwater Falls

There was nothing else in the Blackwater Falls Park besides the 10 minute path that lead to the crowded balcony which overlooked the falls and a parking lot with a souvenir store and a bathroom. I decided to check out Elakala Falls, down the road from Blackwater Falls park, a few feet walk in the forest to the right of the Blackwater Falls Cabin. These waterfalls were way nicer because I could get close to the falls and really enjoy them although there was little water falling.

As I was on a waterfall chase, I went back towards Thomas to look for Douglas Falls. On the way back I saw a sign “Petting Zoo”. I knew this was something American and cheesy…but I had to see it. I arrived at the petting zoo (which was actually a barn) when the owner was closing. He was very nice and let me in, introduced me to all the animals – few crazy-feathered hens, a llama, a baby bull, cows, pigs, a donkey, goats. I petted as much as I could, fed the llama, and took some closeups with the bull, he was my favorite!

Back in Thomas I went to the most happening place in town, the Riverfront – this was a 50 yards street with nice brick buildings on one side and the Blackwater River on the other. The coolest place on the strip seemed to be the Purple Fiddle, a funky coffee shop that served great coffee, food and had live music at night as well. I asked one of the very nice girls working at the counter for directions to Douglas Falls, and off I went, promising myself to return and stay a bit for the live music.

Drove about 10 minutes on a narrow street until I hit a dead end. Beyond that point tall grass and shrubbery was parted by a dirt road and I pushed ahead, getting some nice scratched on the car. Shaking and bumping up and down, I made my way through a clearing, followed the river next to the forest and then stopped. I saw the waterfalls. Beautiful blue water, very accessible – I went down the steep descend into the river, at the bottom of the falls.  It was really a strange place for waterfalls, it was almost in somebody’s backyard, they were pretty much in the town. Snapped photos, enjoyed the silence and the beauty of the scenery and when the sun went down behind the tree tops, I headed back to the Purple Fiddle for the bluegrass show that started at 8pm.