The Outer Banks – Okracoke Island

Ready to explore the rest of the OBX. Took the free ferry to Okracoke Island, where Black Beard the famed pirate was killed. The ferry took about 40 minutes. Okracoke is a very narrow island literally a thin strip of sand in the middle of the ocean. From some points next to the one and only road of the Island I could see the ocean on both sides, and pretty close. Sand and marine vegetation, sun and salty breeze. This is a lovely quiet place (well, stores, small restaurants and terraces (mostly closed for the season) that sell fresh seafood. Everybody has a 4WD, and every local 4WD is equipped with fishing-rod holders, a monster-like teeth added to the front of the car that make all vehicles look like the Alien as in Alien vs Predator. Most cars had 6 rods, the most I have seen was 12. The local pastime is to drive your 4WD on the beach and fish.